Climb Mont Blanc Courses

Whether you are a complete novice, have some experience in the mountains, or have already climbed on glaciers and high mountains, we have a Mont Blanc course for you.

Over the years we have optimized 2 separate programs, to take into account the fact that that not every client has the same mountaineering experience and fitness level.

We offer 2 Mont Blanc courses:

Each course is designed to match the different requirements of our clients.

The 5 day course is aimed at those with no or limited mountaineering experience, in order to introduce the necessary safety awareness, technical skills and acclimatisation. All you need is a good fitness level and strong motivation.

The 3 day course is for experienced mountaineers (can use ice axes, crampons, basic rope and safety techniques and have already climbed in the high mountains alpine grade F / PD) and are already acclimatised.  

To help you decide which course will best suit you based on your experience and fitness level, we have also devised a questionnaire.