Ski & Sail Norway: Lofoten, Lyngen, Svalbard

If you dream of pristine soaring peaks mirrored by wide open, dramatic seascapes then our 'Sail & Ski' expeditions are just what you are looking for.

Always keen to introduce adventures on new horizons, Chamonix Mont Blanc Guides are thrilled to open the door to these enchanting and virtually untouched regions of the Norwegian Alps and Svalbard.

We have been skiing in the Norwegian fjords for over 20 years, and were the first to initiate this Ski and Sail concept with French skipper Frédérique Meunier and his small sailing boat around Tromso in the 90's.

Now we have exclusive use of a luxury yacht from which we can discover the most northern mountains and oceans, and the magical aurora borealis.

We will sail from fjord to fjord, every day exploring new peaks and mountains. We will sleep on the yacht, and fishing amateurs will be able to cast for cod and catch their dinner!

  • Ski & Sail Lofoten - The Ski & Sail Lofoten trip will bring you to Lofoten island, with it's remote and picturesque fishing village surrounded by steep and snowy mountains.
  • Ski & Sail from Lyngen Alps to Finnmark - The Ski & Sail from Lyngen to Finnmark journeys through the Lyngen Alps to the remote and little-known Finnmark Penninsula. It's a magical journey along the northern Norwegian coast with changing spectacular scenery every day.
  • Ski & Sail Svalbard - The ski & Sail Svalbard takes you to the Arctic circle - the land of the king polar bear. We'll ski all along the north west coast of the Svalbard archipelago until we reach the Arctic iceshelf. Here we have unique landscapes and fauna each day.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any of these trips, either to join a pre-planned trip or as a privately guided party.