Testimonials from CMBG Clients

"Absolutely marvellous experience"

Thank you for your assistance getting me onto the mountain.  I've had an absolutely marvellous experience and thoroughly enjoyed the company of my three fellow climbers.  I was not disappointed not making the summit.  That's always a nice objective, however to me the journey is not only upwards but within. 

Peter D, Australia
Grand Paradiso climb, July 2018

"Excellent experience, well organised tour"

I was part of a week long training and climbing expedition on Mount Blanc. It was a truly wonderful experience and very well organised. Our guide was good at training the group for the first two days and getting us up to speed with what we would experience during the climb including getting used to altitude, use of crampons, ice axes etc. Sebestian, our guide who led me and another person to the top of Mount Blanc was also very patient and split every day into various small parts which helped us take one step at a time and hence made the day easier to navigate.

All in all, a great experience and would certainly go on another tour with them!

Marco P, Brazil
Mont Blanc 6 day climb, July 2018

"Well organised, interesting, challenging and rewarding!"

Had a great experience with Chamonix Mont Blanc Guides last week with a successful ascent of Mont Blanc.

First and the most important – I was really pleased with the safety component.  From the timing perspective – to avoid storms or warm temperatures which are melting the snow and creating it dangerous. Yes, we woke up early every night (up to 2am wake up for the Mont Blanc ascend), but were amongst the ones who made it without getting stuck in the thunderstorm on the top of the mountain and safely came back.  Our guide was very experienced who knew how to act within the specific sections of the mountain and was able to make it in the most safe manner, making mature judgement calls in a number of situations. He was also checking our equipment constantly and changed personal crampons of one of the group members due to its poor conditions.

First three days are not for getting into the shape as said on the web-site. Some of the group members were too slow / not fit within the test ascents in the Le Tour area and were offered to ascend another mountain – Grand Paradiso (in the end everyone felt great about the trip, otherwise it could’ve been a disaster on the way up to Mont Blanc). On the day of the final ascent the weather started to get worse and we needed to go fast (we did the whole ascend from the Tete Rousse Hut in ~6 hours, vs planned 8). If all of us had stayed, none would have made it to the top. I do really appreciate a judgement call of the guide and was prepared to receive a no-go for myself. This shows the maturity.

The journey itself was super well organized and interesting for everybody: first three days were moderately challenging, although offered an opportunity to properly learn how to use an ice axe, crampons and walk in the group with a rope. There were also insanely beautiful views of the Swiss side of the Alps. When approaching Mont Blanc our guide was showing his positive attitude all the way and cheering up the group in all circumstances even when we were close to the summit and had almost zero energy to go further. The journey was quite challenging and really physically demanding, but very rewarding with stunning views and never experienced before feeling of self-fulfillment after the ascent (which we fully felt over a drink organized by the guide at the bottom of the mountain).
Summarizing the above – I received well more than I expected and really appreciate efforts of the agency over this journey and would highly recommend them to others. 

Ivan S, Russia
Mont Blanc 6 day climb, August 2018

"I will come back and climb or ski with them again!"

Had a great week climbing with Pierre and later Gaylord. Excellent guides which adapted our schedule to our abilities as climbers and also the weather to have the best possible condition on Matterhorn, which I also summited together with Gaylord. 
The training climbs before Matterhorn were technically harder than Matterhorn but they built up your confidence and that way Pierre could also see that you would be able to do it. The pre climbing was also world class, beautiful routes on different peaks!
Their experience and professionalism made the climbs safe and a lot of fun. I will come back and climb or ski with them again! 

Nick P, Sweden
Matterhorn 5 day climb, July 2018

"Looking forward to my next adventure"

Thanks to the proactive attitude and helpfulness of the company and Pierre (our guide) we were able to climb Mont Blanc on a very short notice. 
It was a great experience - not only reaching the summit, but I also improved my mountaineering skills and techniques.
Above all Pierre is a great guide and fun to have a beer with!
I am very grateful for this opportunity and already looking forward to my next adventure with this company - the Matterhorn.

David R, Switzerland
Mont Blanc 2 day climb, August 2017


"An exceptional experience"

I could not have had a better experience than I did with Chamonix Mont Blanc guides. Pierre's infectious energy lightened up the day and his expertise made my dream of climbing the Matterhorn an exceptional experience

Scott B, Salt Lake City
Matterhorn, July 2017


"Amazing experience, exceptional guide"

I just wanted to write a review for our experience last week with Chamonix Mont Blanc Guides.

We had an amazing experience and were very pleased with the accommodations, organization, and the overall format of the course.

Our guide, Henry Fauk, was an exceptional guide. He went above and beyond his required duties including extra climbing sessions at the refuge and organizing early breakfasts for our early starts.

He was very personable and knowledgeable and an overall very impressive mountain guide. He was completely invested in our group and really pushed one of the other clients to ensure he summited.

I would highly recommend him to any clients. We also had the pleasure of having Matthieu Martinez as our guide for the summit. He is a new guide, but was also very personable, knowledgeable, and an overall great guide.

Thank you so much!

Carissa C., USA
Mont Blanc 6 day course, July 2017


"Thank you for all the support"

Dear Sarah,

Just wanted to let you know that all went well. We reached the summit as planned and right now I'm in my hotel.

I wanted to express my gratitude to Antoine, and once again thank you for all the support you provided to me.

A. Glaskov
Mont Blanc 2 day course July 2017


"Brilliantly professional company"

"An amazing trip with an brilliantly professional company. I was lucky enough to have CMBG's head guide take me up to the summit of Mont Blanc in a speedy, safe, confidant and perfectly timed experience.

The mountain speaks for itself, however I highly recommend anyone wishing to attempt MB to engage CMBG."

N. Smith, UK
Mont Blanc 2 days course, September 2016


"Experience exceptional"

"Climbing with Pierre and Luc of Chamonix Mont Blanc Guides was a great time. Their climbing experience is exceptional, they are both great guys, and we had fun bantering back and forth on multiple topics over the two days. The logistics were well managed and the climb successful. Thanks Pierre and Luc."

Bruce Mckay, United States
August 2016


"An unforgettable experience"

"My guide Pierre and Chamonix Mont Blanc Guides in general were the best one could hope for up the difficult trek that is the terrain and crowds of Mont Blanc.

Their command of the English language and the mountain are superb. Pierre went above and beyond the typical experience, so much so at one point he even lent me his boots.

A month after the climb and I'm still talking about it everyday. An unforgettable experience. You'll be saying to yourself, "je fais confiance Chamonix Mont Blanc Guides.""

Owen, Kansas, USA
July 2016


"They will make it happen"

"Wow. What can I say about Chamonixmontblancguides and Pierre? Top athlete who knows his way around a mountain. Very personal service his company provide. If there are ways to get up a mountain within your capabilities he will make it happen.

From the minute we contacted his company about going up Mont Blanc, Sarah in the office was right on the pulse replying straight away and offering multiple options. Few companies we had contacted prior to them seemed to really want to help. Weather can always impact your trip, but they were always looking at alternatives to give you a chance.

The hotel they put you in centre of chamonix is first class (Pointe Isabelle). You are picked up and dropped off. Given a first class lunch bag for the expedition.

The experience Pierre shares with you is really amazing. Like all expeditions, you need to be fit and ready to take on the mountain. No company or man should or could drag you up. So always bear that in mind.

Would use Pierre and Chamonixmontblancguides again and recommend highly. Our objective was to climb Mont Blanc and they made it happen :)"

John R., Scotland
Mont Blanc 2 days course, July 2016


"What an incredible adventure"

"What an incredible adventure! This is just a quick note to say thank you to chamonix mont blanc guides for a most memorable experience.

Our guide, Pierre was outstanding. He taught us what we needed to know and because of his ability, commitment and experience I felt confident and safe throughout the climb.

Pierre also shared a lot of history background and stories about the region which made the trip even more interesting.The stunning view of French Alps from the summit was absolutely breathtaking."

A fantastic climb all in all, so thanks again!"

Best Regards,


"One of the better things I've done in my life"

"Just thought I’d drop you a note thanking you for organising this trip. Definitely one of the better things I’ve done in my life and couldn’t be happier.

The weather played it’s part which obviously helped and I don’t think anything could’ve worked more in our favour.

Nico was a great guide. Obviously extremely competent but was relaxed at the same time – an ideal temperament for me personally.

I’ve attached a couple of photos from the top of the mountain for your records.

Thank you again and if you can pass on my regards to Nico it’d be much appreciated."

Nick D., London
Mont Blanc 6 days course, July 2016


"An adventure I will never forget"

"Merci beaucoup !!! Thanks to you and your fellow guides I had a most incredible trek to the summit of Mont Blanc.

First, your guidance on the training days was highly invaluable especially to those of us where the use of crampons and ice and snow techniques was an unknown experience. Those days undoubtedly contributed to the success of our ascent.

Your guidance and complete attention to my safety on the mountain was outstanding. Not one footstep was missed and I felt completely confident in your care.

I was also particularly grateful for the way you were flexible with the program so we able to miss the bad weather and summit in almost perfect conditions.

An adventure I will never forget, we shall be back."

Peter H., England
Mont Blanc 6 day course, July 2015


"Really appreciate all your advice and confidence"

"Just want to say a big thank you, and really appreciate all your advice and all the confidence you put in us throughout the trip.

We all had a good time and look forward to many more trips with you. Having the positive attitude you had towards us, it makes us want to come back more often."

Dr Shyam S., England
Mont Blanc 6 days course, 2015


"I would certainly recommend your services"

"Everything was awesome, thank you very much for your help.

David is a great guide - I couldn't have done it without him, I underestimated a little how technical it can be and how dangerous it is... ;-) And I loved Chamonix - will have to come back one day!

I would certainly recommend your services to my friends in the future..."

Dima P., USA
Mont Blanc 6 days course, 2014


"Highly recommend you and your company"

"On the climb up Mont Blanc, the view was absolutely stunning, but the climb was also a real personal challenge.

I was fortunate enough to make it to the top and I have to say all thanks to you in providing the first 3 days of acclimatization and technical trainings.

The experience gained in these 3 days was most valuable in preparing me for the tough climb up Mont Blanc later on.

Your mountain guides are also most professional in helping their clients to achieve their goals. I highly recommend you and your company to anyone who wish to attempt Mt Blanc."

Paul M., Australia
Mont Blanc 6 days course, 2014